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Ex-spouse entitled to my workers comp benefits in my divorce?


Maybe.  It depends on the benefits at issue.  I recently had the opportunity to testify in chancery court about whether workers compensation benefits were marital assets to be equally split in the divorce with the spouse.  Every case is different, but in this case, the husband had received weekly payments for a period of 4 years, some argued to be before the parties separated and some after.  Then well after the separation, the husband received a settlement package worth more than $300,000.  The wife wanted her share.  My testimony was that the settlement was intended for future lost wages and...

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Choose my own physician in a workers comp case?

Physician Doctor

Can I choose my own physician in a workers compensation case in Mississippi? YES, BUT be careful.  In Mississippi, after you have had a surgery or treated with the same physician for six months, you are stuck and you lose your choice.  This is critical because often insurance companies and employers will initially steer you to the doctors they know will be more on their side.  They just hope they can keep you there for six months before you find out you could have chosen your own doctor and never had to accept who they recommended for treatment to begin...

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Is the Nurse Case Manager Allowed in My Doctors Visit

Nurse Case Manager

In many workers compensation cases, the insurance company (who is not on your side) will hire a nurse case manager to be involved in management of your medical treatment.  Most nurse case managers are nice, compassionate, caring and will make an injured person feel good.  But one has to ask: are they on the side of the patient or on the side of the insurance company that is paying them?  A nurse case manager may be handy in scheduling appointments and keeping information flowing, but what happens when they meet with the doctor in private?  Are they trying to maximize...

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Congratulations Rogen K. Chhabra

Bar Foundation Rogen Chhabra

A big Congratulations goes out to our very own Rogen K. Chhabra for being the recent recipient of the Law-Related Public Education Award for 2015 by the Mississippi Bar Foundation. Rogen Chhabra attended Millsaps College and graduated Cum Laude in 1995 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics. He then attended Mississippi College School of Law and graduated in 1998 with a J.D. During law school, Mr. Chhabra was a member of the Law Review and recipient of the Frank Ming Deramus scholarship. He became a member of the Mississippi Bar Association in 1998. Rogen Chhabra has been admitted to practice law...

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I Want to Speak to the Attorney


  Every day, we get calls where a client insists on speaking to an attorney.  Sometimes they are new potential clients and sometimes, they have been a client for a long time.  We strive to return every call every day and make our attorneys as accessible as possible.  But where you find good lawyers, you find very busy lawyers.  And where lawyers are busy, efficiency matters.  So when is it ever appropriate to call and demand that an attorney get on the phone? Perhaps an analogy is appropriate here.  Do you ever call up the doctor’s office and demand to speak to...

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IB Member Spotlight: Rogen Chhabra

IB Member

Rogen Chhabra was featured in today's ‪#‎IBMemberSpotlight‬. Way to go Rogen! The Injury Board is an association of experienced trial attorneys practicing throughout the entire United States and the United Kingdom. The Injury Board recruit their member attorneys based on their proven commitment to the four key areas we believe define the best of our profession — Relationships, Leadership,Community and Results. Click to go to the article.   Rogen Chhabra attended Millsaps College and graduated Cum Laude in 1995 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics. He then attended Mississippi College School of Law and graduated in 1998 with a J.D. During law school, Mr. Chhabra was a...

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How To Prep For Workers Compensation


The reality tv show “Doomsday Preppers” is about families who are preparing for the end of the world.  Everyday ordinary people who believe that life as we know it will end due to earthquakes, nuclear war or cyber-warfare, or some other disaster.  What’s remarkable is that the preppers are prepared for catastrophes that may or may not ever happen. We can learn from the preppers.  Maybe we don’t need to prepare for global earthquakes, but the way preppers know exactly what to do in moments of crisis is something positive we can all apply in our own lives. At Chhabra and Gibbs,...

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Common Questions in Social Security Part Three

Social Security

Under social security, Is it important to receive medical treatment for the conditions which cause me to be unable to work? YES.  It is extremely important to receive medical treatment for those conditions which cause you to be disabled.  The social security administration and the judges rely on this information to make a determination about your disability.   What should I do if I cannot afford medical treatment for my conditions that cause me to be disabled under social security? You should contact my office at the number below in order to receive a list of low cost or free medical clinics around the...

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Common Questions in Social Security Part Two

Social Security

Should I have an attorney to help me with my social security appeals? Yes.  Attorneys who work in the area of social security are familiar with what needs to be shown in order for you to receive a favorable decision of being disabled.  Attorneys are must better prepared to handle the hearing and the questions from the judge and to the vocational expert. How are attorneys paid for their work on my social security case? If the attorney fee agreement is approved, the attorney receives 25% of the back benefits to which you are entitled, up to a maximum of $6,000.  The attorney...

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Common Questions in Social Security Part One

Social Security

Can I receive disability if I have returned to work? Yes.  If you were disabled and unable to work for 12 months or more, you can apply for a closed period of disability for the time you were out of work.  A closed period of disability is for those individuals who could not work for a period of 12 or more months but recovered and were able to return to work. Can you receive social security benefits if you are only temporarily disabled? Yes.  See No. 1 above regarding a closed period of disability. How long does it take to be approved for social...

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