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Workers Compensation

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Common Workplace Injuries

Workplace Injury

There are thousands of workplace injuries every year, many of them serious. Each job comes with its own individual hazards and risks. It is as much the employer’s responsibility to ensure proper safety and health procedures are followed as it is the employees. The most common accidents in the workplace include: Slips, trips, and falls: Whether you work in a shop, office, or factory, you’re likely to encounter slippery surfaces at some point. For builders who rely on ladders and other platforms, falling from height can be very dangerous. Strained muscles: Common workplace injury for those who regularly lift heavy items. Strained...

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What am I entitled to under Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Law?

Mississippi Workers' Compensation Law

Under Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Law, businesses that have five or more employees are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance coverage. What does that mean to the average worker who is employed by these businesses? As a general rule, if you are injured while working or as a result of a hazard of the job (whether you are on the clock or not)– your injury should be covered by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. There are some exceptions to this rule, but we will save that topic for a future blog post. Let’s talk about what you are entitled to when...

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What to do after injured at work

Injured at Work

In Mississippi roughly twelve thousand (12,000) people are injured at work every year. These injuries fall under the purview of the Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Commission, which apply the laws of the Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Act to the particular facts of the injured person’s claim. So, what do you do if you are one of those 12,000? Your employer should have a policy for dealing with workplace injuries, but you should always make sure to inform your direct supervisor and/or H.R. about the injury. Thereafter, you should fill out and sign a “First Report of Injury” form, which lets the Commission know...

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How to file a Mississippi Workers’ Compensation claim for your workplace injury?

How to file workers comp claim

To file a Mississippi Workers’ Compensation claim, you would need to file a Petition to Controvert (Form B-5,11) with the Commission. The Petition to Controvert can be found in the Forms section of the  Mississippi Workers Compensation Commission website. You can also find the name and address of your  employer’s insurance carrier under the Coverage Verification Inquiry link. You have two years from the date of your injury to file the Petition but, this can be reduced to 1 year if your employer properly files a B-31 form. It is best to file the Petition sooner than later to ensure that...

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Can independent contractors get paid for work injuries in Mississippi?

Work injuries in Mississippi

Mississippi Workers’ Compensation laws generally mandate that an employee who has been hurt at work is entitled to financial compensation for their injury. While this law seems simple enough, many claims – and thereby lives – hinge on a pivotal question: am I an employee? While most people think they know their employment status; many claims are denied on this basis. For the first time in your career, your employer is now calling you an “independent contractor.” Convenient timing. Unfortunately, independent contractors are not generally entitled to the same protections under the statute. But don’t get upset too fast. Independent...

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Should I tell my doctor I got hurt at work?

Hurt at Work

When a person seeks medical care for an injury at work, it is essential to remember that doctors are attempting to treat your injury. A doctor cannot help you if you do not speak to them about symptoms you are feeling and how they affect your life. Many Mississippians may be concerned that the accident was their fault or scared to bring up that they got hurt at work, but this only hinders their case later because having well-documented medical records to support a workers’ compensation claim can drastically impact the value of the case. By timely seeking medical attention after...

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8 Things to Avoid When Hurt on the Job

Mississippi Workers' Compensation Law

Every year, thousands of people in Mississippi are injured on the job. Your employer is going to have your back and take care of you, right? The answer to that question is –not likely. For employers and insurance companies, the name of the game is risk reduction/avoidance. Money is their first priority. Your employer might try to have you sign forms releasing your rights or send you to a company doctor. You don’t have to waive your rights or see the doctor they want you to. Your best move when you get hurt on the job is to consult a...

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Away from Home and Hurt at Work?

Away from Home and Hurt at Work

For certain types of jobs, travel is unavoidable. Whether you are a truck driver on the road delivering goods or a pilot carrying passengers to their next destination, sometimes duty requires you to leave the state of Mississippi. But what happens if you get hurt while you are away from home? It depends. First, we must understand that if you are in Mississippi when you get hurt, were hired in Mississippi, or are regularly employed in Mississippi, then coverage for your work injury usually exists under the jurisdiction of the Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Commission. This is an administrative agency created by...

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Why Do I Have to Search for Jobs When I Am In Pain

Search for jobs

At some point in your workers compensation case, we will send a letter telling you to search for and apply for jobs. This is usually when a doctor returns you to work with restrictions or without restrictions. Often, clients will ask “why do I have to search for jobs when I am in pain?” We understand you are in pain, but there is a bigger picture here that will be explained. Once we get to a Mississippi Workers Compensation hearing with the judge, we must prove that you are permanently disabled. We need to prove if you can do the work...

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How Does Bankruptcy Affect my Injury Case in Mississippi?

Bankruptcy in Mississippi

How does bankruptcy affect my Mississippi injury case? First, failure to disclose bankruptcy in your injury case can kill your injury case dead.  The problem is failing to disclose requires you to lie.  Lying kills a case.  Here’s how it happens:  You file a personal injury case, but you don’t tell your bankruptcy attorney about it.  You bankruptcy attorney files a list of all your assets but fails to include your pending injury case.  You have to sign that bankruptcy filing under oath.  The insurance company in your injury case finds out about it and requests that your injury case be...

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