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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Our Mississippi Personal Injury Attorneys Answer Your Questions.
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Mississippi Personal Injury Attorney FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

Common FAQ – questions and answers from clients in Mississippi. Injured? Call us at 601-948-8005

Do you need help with your Personal Injury Case in Mississippi?

Should I Speak With A Lawyer?
FAQ - Speak With A Lawyer

Our Mississippi Personal Injury Attorney's will work on your case by gathering evidence, consulting with experts, and negotiating with the insurance company on your behalf. If it is necessary, one of our attorney's might even take your case to trial to get the compensation you truly deserve.

How Much Do You Charge For Legal Services?
FAQ - How Much Do You Charge?

Our Mississippi Personal Injury Attorney's operate on a contingency-fee basis, which means you only pay us if and when we win your case. Our fee would come in the form of a percentage of the settlement or verdict amount we obtain. Legal fees in personal injury cases are generally taken on contingency, meaning you do not pay out of pocket. Rather, your lawyers’ compensation comes from a portion of your settlement and are agreed on by both you and your attorney.

How Long Does A Case Review Take?
FAQ - How Long Does A Case Review Take?

Our Intake Specialist will contact you within 24 hours after your call, submission, or chat. Our Personal Injury Team will review and understand your case. Typically, a client will be assigned an attorney within a week after your case review where you will be setup with a consultation either at our office location or by phone.

What Makes You Different From Other Law Firms?
FAQ - What Makes You Different

We have a combined 130+ years of legal experience and are dedicated to helping individuals and families harmed by someone else’s negligence or by a dangerous product. Our entire practice here at our firm is exclusively dedicated to helping individuals and not corporations and big business. Our personal injury attorneys work tirelessly to level the playing field against big insurance companies.

How Much Is My Personal Injury Case Worth?
FAQ - What Is My Case Worth

Some people think that the value of your Personal Injury case in Mississippi is just a matter of adding up medical bills and lost wages. In reality, calculating the value of a Personal Injury case is not that simple. You need to make sure that you are taking future medical expenses and wage losses into consideration. Accident victims may also be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, which is not quite as easy to calculate. We can review your case for free to help you get a better understanding of how much compensation you may be entitled to receive.

Will My Injury Case Go To Trial?
Case Go To Trial

A majority of Personal Injury cases are resolved by negotiating a settlement but, trial is always a possibility. It is a good idea to enlist Mississippi Personal Injury lawyers who know their way around the courtroom and are confident arguing for you in front of a judge and jury. A reputation for success at trial may also provide leverage in negotiations. In other words, insurance companies may be more likely to make a fair offer if they know they are up against an attorney who has a record of wins at trial.

Should I Accept A Settlement Offer With The Insurance Company?
Accept Settlement Offer From Insurance Company

Take caution when the insurance company offers you a settlement. It is standard practice in the insurance industry to offer a low settlement first. The insurance adjuster may tell you it is fair, but there may be costs that have not been taken into consideration. Know that you do not have to accept the first settlement offer, and you can have a Mississippi Personal Injury Attorney review the offer for free.

What Types Of Personal Injury Cases Do You Handle?
Types Of Personal Injury Cases

We handle all types of Personal Injury claims in the Mississippi area, including those that involve serious injuries and death. We represent victims of car wrecks and 18 wheeler accidents, work accidents, nursing home neglect, premises liability such as a slip and fall, medical malpractice, and much more. To learn more about our services, you can call us at (601) 948-8005. You can also use our live chat here on our website.

Who Do I file A Personal Injury Claim Against?
Claim Against

Personal Injury lawsuits and claims for compensation in Mississippi are filed against negligent individuals, such as the driver responsible for the accident or a property owner or corporation where injury happened. Cases are only filed against insurance companies when you, as the policy holder, has a claim that the company failed to live up to the terms of the arrangements laid out in the policy to which you pay regularly.

Do I Have A Car Wreck Claim In Jackson, Mississippi?
Car Wreck Claim In Jackson, MS

If you’ve been hurt in a car wreck, you may have many concerns. Seeking proper medical care is important. A car wreck can leave victims and their families with many new challenges. Families may lose a source of income if a family member needs to miss time at work due to an injury. Many families struggle to handle the immense medical bills that can accrue after an accident. You may wonder whether you are entitled to a recovery for your car accident under Jackson, Mississippi law. If you’ve been seriously injured, it is a good idea to speak to a car wreck attorney in Jackson, Mississippi. Call us today at (601) 948-8005.

What Should I Do If I Have Been Involved In A Car Wreck?
Involved In A Car Wreck

If you are involved in a car wreck in Mississippi you should get medical attention immediately after your car wreck, contact your attorney after your car wreck, and importantly never speak to an adjuster or insurance agent without speaking to your attorney first or without counsel.

Should I Give My Statement To The Insurance Company?
Statement To Insurance Company

You do not have to give the insurance companies your statement because usually they will use it for their own purposes, not yours. Speak to a Mississippi Personal Injury Attorney first, as doing so can protect you and your claim. We will work with you to obtain maximum compensation, where an insurance company will not.

What Is Underinsured/Uninsured Motorist Coverage In Mississippi And Why Do I Need It?

Underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage in Mississippi applies when you are in an accident with either a driver who has no insurance, or a driver who does not have enough insurance to compensate you for your property damage and personal injuries. For this type of insurance to apply, the uninsured or underinsured motorist must be at least partly at fault in the accident. Despite laws in place that require every driver to carry insurance, there are still a lot of uninsured or underinsured drivers on the road. If you’re in an accident with one of these drivers, and want to get compensated for your damages, then it is extremely important that you have underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage in place at the time of your accident. Many accident and injury victims don’t know the many different scenarios in which this type of insurance applies. That’s why it’s important to contact a Mississippi Car Accident attorney who is experienced in handling cases involving uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance.

Should I Inform The Attorney Of A Prior Injury?
Prior Injury

It is always important to be truthful, and this includes telling your attorney about any prior injury or prior pain. Many good cases are lost because the injured person conceals or forgets a previous injury.

Who Pays The Medical Bills After A Car Accident In Mississippi?
Medical Bills

In the beginning, your own personal health insurance is going to take over the payment of medical bills. However, once a settlement is reached or a verdict is given by the jury, insurance companies covering the person driving the vehicle at fault will pay back a portion of the money that your insurance company has already spent.

What Are Common Causes Of Mississippi Slip And Fall Accidents?
Slip And Fall

Some of the common causes of Slip and Falls in Mississippi include falls on wet freshly mopped floors without adequate warnings or barriers, tripping over objects in the aisles of stores, accidents resulting from tripping over barricades, falls caused by failure to properly inspect and clean floors, and defective stairway accidents. If you experienced injury due to a slip and fall in Mississippi, contact us today by calling our office at(601) 948-8005.

What Types Of Compensation Is Available In A Mississippi Slip And Fall Accident?
Slip And Fall Compensation

When you are injured by the negligence of a property owner who fails to take reasonable measures to make their premises safe or warn of dangerous conditions, an injury victim may be able to recover both economic damages like lost income, lost future earnings and medical expenses as well as non-economic damages like pain and suffering, impaired enjoyment of life and other forms of damages.

What Medical Treatment Information And Records Will I Need To provide?
Provide Medical Records

You should be sure to provide our legal office with the names and addresses of all doctors and medical facilities that have treated you. It is also important to keep track of all medical expenses and bills and please provide us with copies.

How Long Do I Have To File Suit For My Injuries And Damage in Mississippi?
Statute of Limitations

The “statute of limitations” for bringing suit will vary depending upon the circumstances. Unless you bring a lawsuit in the proper time, you are barred from doing so. It is critical to contact an attorney in Mississippi for proper advice. In some cases, it may be one year, but in other cases it may be much shorter. If a “public entity” is liable, you may need to file a “tort claim” with the public entity within a few months, or you are barred from suing the public entity. Many people are confused about what a public entity is. A public entity may include the obvious, like a state, county or city government and schools, but it may also include a utility or private companies in contract with the government.

What is Mississippi Workers Compensation?
Mississippi Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation is a no-fault insurance plan which is required for every employer in the State of Mississippi with more than 5 employees except for charitable organizations and farmers. No-fault means that if you are injured at work in Mississippi, you are entitled to workers compensation benefits even if nobody did anything wrong to cause your injury.

What Is Covered Under Mississippi Workers Compensation?
Covered Under Workers Comp

Any injury in Mississippi is covered. It doesn’t matter if the injury is serious or not. All that matters is that the injury occurred on the job. Gradually developing ‘injuries’ like lung conditions or carpal tunnel syndrome that typically occurs over years of repetitive work are also usually covered. Coverage begins on the first day of employment. Coverage remains even if an injured employee is terminated or quits.

What Should You Do In The Event Of An Injury At Work?
Work Injury

You should immediately report an injury to your employer (your immediate supervisor, company nurse or HR representative) even if you don’t think it is serious. You should also make a written report and keep a copy of the report. It is also good to have witnesses sign the written report confirming the injury.

What Benefits Are Available Under Mississippi Workers Compensation?
Workers Comp Benefits

Medical treatment is available and you don’t have to pay for any of the treatment. There is no deductible or co-pay in workers’ compensation. The right to receive medical treatment paid by the employer and insurance carrier for a work injury is unlimited in amount and duration. Also, if a physician takes you off work for more than 5 days as a result of your injury you are entitled to disability or indemnity benefits. These benefits are paid at 2/3’s of an injured workers’ average weekly wage up to a maximum weekly benefit for the year in which the injury occurred. If you are entitled to disability benefits these are paid once every 14 days.

How Long Will My Mississippi Workers Compensation Claim Last?
How Long Will Claim Last

You have two years from the date of your injury to file a claim. Remember, even if the workers’ compensation employer or insurance company is paying for your medical benefits they will stop doing this after 2 years unless you have filed a petition to controvert against them at the Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Commission. There are also times when you may only have 1 year to file a petition to controvert with the Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Commission. Contact a Mississippi Workers Compensation Attorney today by calling (601) 948-8005.

Do I Need A Mississippi Workers Compensation Attorney If I’m Injured At Work?
Hire Attorney

Not all employees injured at work in Mississippi will need an attorney. We highly recommend seeking the advice of an attorney if you have an on the job injury. Our Mississippi Workers Compensation attorneys will be glad to meet with you to discuss your work injury at no cost to you. You do not have an obligation to hire us just because you meet with our legal team.

Can I File A Lawsuit Against Persons Or Entities That Caused My Injury While Collecting Mississippi Workers Compensation Benefits?
File Lawsuit

Yes. If you can establish that somebody other than your employer at the job site acted negligently and contributed to your injuries, you can still bring a lawsuit even though you are collecting workers compensation benefits. Your workers compensation carrier may be entitled to get some or all of their money back out of your recovery against the other responsible parties.

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