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Mississippi Medical Negligence Attorneys

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Medical Negligence

Medical negligence is a growing problem among patients in Mississippi who have all kinds of medical procedures. Don’t assume that you must be undergoing a major procedure to become a victim of negligence; negligence can occur when you’re undergoing routine procedures, or even on a trip to the emergency room. When professionals fail to meet the standard of good practice, you could become a victim of a Mississippi negligence case, also called malpractice.

Malpractice Strikes Everywhere

Negligence isn’t something that you can avoid by going to expensive hospitals or facilities, or by seeing only the finest doctors. Medical malpractice can strike anywhere in Mississippi. You could be undergoing a routine procedure, such as an appendectomy, and come out of the procedure with serious complications due to medical negligence.

Mississippi malpractice may also occur when you go see your physician for a routine visit and he fails to diagnose a potentially serious condition, or when you’re in the emergency room and you receive incorrect treatment which worsens your condition.

Malpractice can happen anywhere, anytime.

Negligence can have Serious Consequences

In some cases, negligence may lead to only minor problems, such as when you have an allergic reaction to a medication to which you have known allergies. In other cases, negligence can have serious consequences. A failure to properly diagnose illness based on obvious symptoms or negligent practices can lead to disability or even death.

There are horror stories where negligence victims have gone in for a routine surgery and come out with an amputation, unnecessary organ removal or other drastic side effect.

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