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Mississippi Workers Compensation Attorneys

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Has your employer been ignoring your Jackson, MS workers compensation case? Are you having problems getting your paychecks or receiving medical treatment after you’ve been injured in a work-related accident? It might be time to hire a good Mississippi workers’ compensation lawyer to fight for you. Our workers comp team will make sure you have received the compensation you deserve. There is no fee to discuss your workers comp case with us so contact us today.

What is a Workers Compensation Case?

When you’re injured on the job, Mississippi workers comp laws state that your employer should pay your lost salary and medical bills. Employers carry workers’ compensation insurance to pay these claims, and when you have an accident at work, your employer submits your claim to the insurer. If the insurer refuses to pay your workers compensation claim, you might choose to pursue legal action against the insurer. Workers compensation injuries include: construction site injuries, slip and falls while at work, injuries caused by poorly-maintained equipment, exposure to harmful chemicals or other accidents that occur while you’re on the job. These work injuries can cost thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, which you’re responsible for paying if the workers’ compensation insurer won’t pay your claim.

Know Your Workers Compensation Rights

When you’re injured in the workplace, you have rights. Depending on your circumstances, you may have a right to medical benefits, a right to income benefits and a right to have your injury treated. Some employers may pressure you to return to work early, may deny your medical benefits claims, may refuse to pay your income benefits or may otherwise refuse to honor your rights as an injured employee. Employers may require you to undergo an evaluation by their doctor, who may claim that your injuries aren’t severe or that you’re ready to return to work – even if you’re not. An experienced Mississippi workers compensation lawyer can substantiate your injury claims through an evaluation by an independent physician, and take your workers compensation case before the Mississippi Workers Compensation Commission to make sure your rights are protected.

Have a repetitive stress injury or other occupational medical problem that your employer refuses to cover? These types of workplace injuries are some of the most difficult to prove, and employers often refuse to honor these claims until legal action is taken. Don’t let your employer get away with denying your workers compensation rights.

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Workers Comp Insurers Avoid Paying Claims

Mississippi Workers Compensation laws are supposed to protect employees who are injured on the job. Unfortunately, insurers don’t like paying workers comp claims, so they make it hard for workers to get paid. To avoid paying a Jackson workers compensation settlement, insurers may:

  • – Deny a worker was injured on the job;
  • – Deny that the injury is serious;
  • – Deny that a worker is temporarily or permanently disabled.

Insurance companies are businesses whose sole purpose is to make money. Insurers hate to pay workers compensation claims because that costs them money, and it’s bad for business. Workers comp claims adjusters have years of experience with tactics to avoid paying on a workers comp case. Experienced Jackson workers compensation lawyers Rogen Chhabra and Darryl Gibbs have seen all of these tactics before, and know how to get your claim paid.

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