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Caroline Boyd

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Why is it important to get medical treatment after a car wreck?

medical treatment after a wreck

Car wrecks can range from the catastrophic resulting in massive injury to a fender bender where the running theme is, “thank goodness it wasn’t worse.”  But even minor car wrecks, such as a fender bender, can cause injuries to a driver that might not feel bad at first.  When you are in a car wreck, your body releases adrenaline.  This hormone is designed to protect you from trauma and can do a pretty good job at masking your injuries and the associated pain.  Just because you don’t feel pain immediately does not mean you are not hurt.  Over the next...

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Why choose Chhabra & Gibbs for my MVA case?

Why CG for MVA

Why choose Chhabra & Gibbs for your MVA case? There are many questions that run through the mind of any person involved in a car wreck.  Do I need a lawyer?  And which one of the many law firms out there that handle car wrecks should I choose from? The answer to the first question is easy. If you are injured, first you need a doctor, then you need a lawyer.  An experienced law firm can help guide you through the process of making certain you are being fairly compensated for the injuries from your car wreck.  You pay us nothing...

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What am I entitled to under Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Law?

Mississippi Workers' Compensation Law

Under Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Law, businesses that have five or more employees are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance coverage. What does that mean to the average worker who is employed by these businesses? As a general rule, if you are injured while working or as a result of a hazard of the job (whether you are on the clock or not)– your injury should be covered by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. There are some exceptions to this rule, but we will save that topic for a future blog post. Let’s talk about what you are entitled to when...

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8 Things to Avoid When Hurt on the Job

Mississippi Workers' Compensation Law

Every year, thousands of people in Mississippi are injured on the job. Your employer is going to have your back and take care of you, right? The answer to that question is –not likely. For employers and insurance companies, the name of the game is risk reduction/avoidance. Money is their first priority. Your employer might try to have you sign forms releasing your rights or send you to a company doctor. You don’t have to waive your rights or see the doctor they want you to. Your best move when you get hurt on the job is to consult a...

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Hurt at Work in Mississippi and Choosing Your Own Doctor

Choose Your Own Doctor

Can you choose your own doctor if you were hurt at work in Mississippi? Do you have to see the doctor that your job tells you to see? A worker is injured on the job every seven seconds.  This means 540 work injuries occur every hour (source, National Safety Council).  No one wants to get injured while they are at work, but the harsh reality is this:  work injuries are distressingly common.  So, what happens if you get injured and you need to see a doctor?  Do you have to see the company doctor your employer is telling you to see? ...

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Should I See a Doctor After My Car Wreck in Mississippi?

See a Doctor

You are driving your vehicle in Mississippi but then you are involved in a car wreck.  Your adrenaline is pumping.  Your vehicle is damaged.  The police are called and your statement is taken.  You don’t have any broken bones.  You aren’t bleeding.  Your muscles are aching, but should you really see a doctor?  The short answer – YES.  An “adrenaline rush” is one of the body’s vital defense mechanisms, and can be triggered during stressful situations such as car wrecks.  During an “adrenaline rush”, your body releases epinephrine (aka adrenaline) into your bloodstream.  When this happens, your body can experience...

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Congratulations to Caroline Boyd

Caroline Boyd

Chhabra & Gibbs, P.A. is pleased to announce our most recent addition to our law firm, Associate Attorney Caroline Boyd. Caroline started with our law firm in 2009 and went on to become a Personal Injury and trial paralegal for Attorneys Darryl M. Gibbs and Rogen K. Chhabra as well as assisting Associate Attorney Ashley Hendricks Duck. She also worked as a law clerk with the firm upon entering law school at Mississippi College School of Law in 2014. Caroline Boyd is from Jackson, MS. She received her undergraduate from Belhaven College with a B.S. in Psychology in 2008. She completed...

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