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Should I See a Doctor After My Car Wreck in Mississippi?

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Should I See a Doctor After My Car Wreck in Mississippi?

See a Doctor

You are driving your vehicle in Mississippi but then you are involved in a car wreck.  Your adrenaline is pumping.  Your vehicle is damaged.  The police are called and your statement is taken.  You don’t have any broken bones.  You aren’t bleeding.  Your muscles are aching, but should you really see a doctor?  The short answer – YES.  An “adrenaline rush” is one of the body’s vital defense mechanisms, and can be triggered during stressful situations such as car wrecks.  During an “adrenaline rush”, your body releases epinephrine (aka adrenaline) into your bloodstream.  When this happens, your body can experience a decreased ability to feel pain.  But rest assured, that pain is real and you will feel it the next day.  And when you feel that pain the next day, go see a doctor.  Besides the obvious benefit of getting a physician to ensure your medical condition isn’t an emergency, going to see a doctor and getting medical treatment is essential to building damages in a car wreck case.  A personal injury attorney will have a very hard time arguing physical damages (bodily injury) from a car wreck in Mississippi if they don’t have the medical treatment to back that up.  Even if it is the next day, or a week after your wreck, get medical treatment if you are in pain.  And be wary that the longer you wait to go see a doctor to get treated, the harder it will be for your injury attorney to link your pain and treatment to your car wreck.

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