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18-Wheeler Accidents

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Avoid 18-Wheeler Wrecks

Avoid 18-wheeler wrecks

A majority of the transportation of goods in U.S. is done by the trucking industry. With such large heavy vehicles on the road there is bound to be accidents resulting in major injuries and so knowing how to avoid 18-wheeler wrecks is crucial. In 2020 there were 147,000 injuries due to large truck accidents such as semi-trucks. According to policyadvice.net, there has been a 52% increase in trucking accidents since 2009 and 74% of fatal vehicle crashes involve one of these large trucks. Trucking accidents account for a majority of the vehicle fatalities on the road and with that being said...

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Massive 21 Car Pileup

21 Car Pileup

A massive 21 car pileup in Montana took the lives of six people and injured many others late Friday afternoon. According to authorities, a huge dust storm is the cause of this major accident, as 60 mph winds swept across I-90 with blackout like conditions leading to six semi-trucks and 15 cars to crash. Driving is already dangerous with all the distracted drivers, drunk drivers, and reckless drivers on the road, but when you throw bad weather into the mix it can make even more dangerous driving conditions. According to IIHS there were roughly 38,000 deaths in 2020 from car crashes...

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Major Car Crash in Mississippi

Major Car Crash

Last night around 4:00 pm, Police responded to a major car crash in Mississippi involving a multi-car pileup East Bound on I-10 in D’Iberville, MS. This crash involved a semi-truck and 4 cars, one of which had been towing a trailer full of motorcycles. No reports yet of how serious the injuries are, but traffic was backed up in multiple lanes well after 5 pm. When traveling the busy roads in Mississippi such as I-10, serious injuries can occur when a person is driving distracted or too fast.  It is important to know what to do and who to call when...

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What should I do if I Am Hit by an 18-Wheeler?

18-Wheeler Accident

If you drive on the highway in states such as Mississippi, Louisiana, Colorado, Alabama or Tennessee, then you are used to sharing the road with 18-wheelers and log trucks. And if you are like me, every time I am near one, I hold my breath a bit — and for good reason. 18-wheelers cannot respond to traffic as easily nor stop as fast as regular vehicles. If there are poor weather conditions or the 18-wheelers are improperly maintained, disaster can occur. Also, some drivers can be overworked, untrained, sleepy, inattentive, intoxicated, and the list goes on. There are about 500,000 18-wheeler accidents...

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