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Workers’ Comp During Job Traveling

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Workers’ Comp During Job Traveling

Workers' Compensation While Traveling

Many times we have clients wanting to know if they can get Workers’ Compensation in Mississippi if they are injured while traveling to and from their job. There is not a complete yes or no to that question. The general rule is that coming and going to work is not a compensable Workers’ Compensation injury in Mississippi. However, the Mississippi Supreme Court has established exceptions to that rule.

For example, if you drive a company car, are reimbursed for transportation, or if you do some of your work at home, you may have a compensable injury if you are in a car wreck while traveling. Another exception is that if you are injured by an inherent hazard or danger in the conditions along your route, or if you are off the clock making a trip at the request of your supervisor you could be covered by workers’ compensation. As always, it is important that as soon as you are injured, you inform your employer of your work injury.

Delivery drivers, couriers, and 18 wheeler drivers are more likely than others to get injured while traveling. Many employers in these industries have policies that relate specifically to employee travel. It is a good idea for you to be familiar with your workplace policy before an incident occurs. It is also important for you to know what your employer allows you to do while traveling for work.

Whether or not you can get Mississippi Workers’ Compensation on the way back and forth to work is fact specific, and you should run your situation by one of our Personal Injury Attorneys if you have questions.  Please give us a call at 601-945-8005 and our intake department will set you up with a free consultation. Chhabra & Gibbs, P.A. handles all of your Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation issues. We are available by phone or by live chat on our website.

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