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Healthcare Worker Rights When Hurt by a Patient in Mississippi

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Healthcare Worker Rights When Hurt by a Patient in Mississippi

Hurt by patient

What types of rights do healthcare workers have in Mississippi if they get hurt by a patient?

Mississippi law provides workers compensation benefits for people who get hurt at work regardless of the cause.  There are a few requirements that have to be met.  For example, the employer must have 5 or more employees in order for the workers compensation coverage mandate to apply.  The employee also must not have been engaged in horseplay at the time of the injury.  But fault is otherwise not an issue.

Healthcare workers get attacked by patients more frequently than one might expect.  While the worker may have a direct right to sue the patient for the harm, it will likely be impractical, since there won’t likely be insurance or any other money to cover a verdict.  Workers compensation in Mississippi is, in most cases, going to be the best way to proceed.

There are many potential snags along the path of a workers compensation case.  The Mississippi Workers Compensation Commission is located in Jackson, Mississippi.  The Commission is charged with overseeing all claims and settlements.  If an injured worker is not careful they can end up in the hands of the wrong doctor or be told by an adjuster that they are entitled to less than what the law really allows for.  The best way to overcome the potential pitfalls is to hire a Mississippi personal injury law firm who has significant experience in workers compensation to give you some advice.

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