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Repetitive Motion Injury Workers’ Compensation Claim in Mississippi

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Repetitive Motion Injury Workers’ Compensation Claim in Mississippi

Repetitive Motion Injury

My work injury isn’t based on a single accident – can I still make a workers’ comp claim in Mississippi?

In Mississippi, a work injury from more than one accidents is known as a repetitive motion injury, and injured workers can receive benefits even if their injury isn’t the result of a single accident. Often we see this in the context of someone working in a factory or on an assembly line. The injured worker’s job might require them to do the same thing over and over again for several hours a day (repetitive motion). The cumulative effect of these repetitive motions can cause severe and long-lasting injuries in some instances.

Sometimes these claims are based on a carpal tunnel injury in someone’s hand or wrist, but this is not the only type of repetitive motion injury. These claims could involve the spine if constant heavy lifting is part of someone’s job duties. The medical records are critical in these types of cases to establish that the injury is tied to the job. The Employer may try to argue the issues are degenerative in nature and the medical records can be used to rebut this argument.


If you or a loved one work at a job in Mississippi that involves repetitive motion and that has resulted in a work related injury, please contact Chhabra & Gibbs, P.A., for your free consultation. Our Workers’ Compensation Attorneys and Personal Injury Lawyers handle these types of claims everyday and our team can fight to ensure you or a loved one receive the benefits the are owed. You can contact us by phone at 601-948-8005, or through the live chat feature on our website. Repetitive motion injuries are viable, but you should consult a lawyer to ensure your claim is handled properly. Do not wait, because there are time deadlines, and if you miss them then you cannot bring a claim.

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