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Pain & Suffering in My Workers’ Comp Case?

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Pain & Suffering in My Workers’ Comp Case?

pain and suffering

Can I get Pain and Suffering in my Workers Compensation Case?


No, you cannot get paid for pain and suffering during or after your workers compensation case.  Even though a work injury effects an individual and their loved ones in many ways—physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially to name a few—pain  suffering benefits are not written into the Mississippi Workers’ Comp law.  An on-the-job injury disturbs a person’s ability to earn a living, pay bills, buy groceries, socialize, and a multitude of other things yet you cannot get paid for everything you go through or the pain you endure when you suffer a job-related injury.  An injured worker is entitled to only three things:  medical treatment, payment for time off work, and payment for permanent damage to the body that affects the ability to work.  However, Chhabra & Gibbs is an aggressive law firm that has a passion for helping people.  We will work hard for you to get you what you are entitled to.




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