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Internet Research vs. Your Attorney’s Opinion

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Internet Research vs. Your Attorney’s Opinion

Research Opinion

Top 5 reasons you shouldn’t trust your research on the internet over your Personal Injury Attorney’s opinion


I have had  a few clients over the course of my career say to me, “Well that’s not what I found on the internet” or “I heard about a personal injury case just like mine and that person received more than the defendant is offering me on my case”.  I have listed below my Top 5 reasons why you shouldn’t trust your research on the internet over your attorney’s opinion:


1-The research you have found may be outdated.  Laws change all the time and new cases are decided by the courts daily. The research you found may no longer be applicable or there may be more current cases which better fit the scenario in your particular case. Your attorney is in a better position to know if the law has changed or if there are new cases available which apply to your case.


2-Different jurisdictions have different laws. The research you are looking at may not even be relevant to the particular jurisdiction in which your case resides.  Mississippi law generally applies to Mississippi cases.  If you have a car wreck or personal injury which occurred in Mississippi, Mississippi law will apply.  When you are researching on the internet, the verdicts or cases you come across which you are trying to compare your case to may not even be Mississippi cases and may have laws which are completely different and not relevant to your case.


3-Your attorney went to law school for 3 years and passed the bar exam to be licensed in your state. Attorneys are better suited to analyze and interpret laws and exactly what a particular case holds.


4-All cases are different.  Just because you find that a plaintiff received a large settlement for their car wreck does not mean your car wreck is worth the same amount. Each personal injury case has different facts and different injuries.


5-Some jurisdictions are more conservative than others. Different counties in the same state could have completely different outcomes for the exact same case. You cannot compare your case to a case in another county or an award for damages that you see someone received. Your personal injury attorney is likely to know which counties are more conservative and more likely to award small amounts for damages or no damages at all.




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