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Workers’ Compensation After Car Wreck

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Workers’ Compensation After Car Wreck


I was Injured in a car wreck on my way home from work, can I receive Workers’ Compensation?

The short answer: it depends.


Even when another person is responsible for your injuries during a car wreck in Mississippi, if you were “in the course and scope” of your injuries you are entitled to workers’ compensation. As a general rule Employees are not covered by workers’ compensation when going to or coming from work but there are several exceptions to that general rule. For instance, if travel is a part of your job then it is possible you could be covered by workers’ compensation. Even if you are off the clock making a trip at the request of your supervisor you could be covered by workers’ compensation.

Ray L. Gustavis

The only way to know for sure that you are aware of all of your options is to talk to an attorney experienced with Mississippi and Louisiana Workers’ Compensation law. Give us a call at 601-945-8005 for your free consultation.

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