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I Need Treatment Immediately For My Injury

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I Need Treatment Immediately For My Injury


When it comes to your injury you sustained while at work, only you can know your own body, and we are lawyers, not emergency medicine doctors.  However, we often get calls from workers’ compensation clients that are in extreme pain, and want to know how to get treatment immediately.  Every workers’ compensation case is different, but on claims where the Employer and Carrier have admitted and are paying for medical treatment, your best bet is to contact your treating doctor’s office right away to fill them in on the situation.  Often, Mississippi doctors are used to these emergency situations and are available to work you in to their schedules for treatment quickly.  As always, make sure to get a copy of your medical records from any appointment to pass along to your legal team.  If your workers’ compensation claim is denied or disputed, the question of who will pay for the emergency treatment may become a more complicated issue, and injured people in those situations should contact their assigned attorney directly to discuss their options.

Rogen K. Chhabra

We know decisions like the one above can be difficult for you, that’s why the Mississippi personal injury and workers’ comp attorneys at Chhabra & Gibbs, P.A. are prepared to handle your injury case for you. If you have been injured on the job or by someone else’s negligence, call us today at 601-948-8005 or use our live chat right here on this website.

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