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Oil Tank Explosion in Madison County Injures 6 People

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Oil Tank Explosion in Madison County Injures 6 People

Oil Tank Explosion

Early Friday morning WAPT reports of a large oil tank explosion near Kearney Park in Madison County. Officials say the explosion happened around 8 A.M. severely injuring 2 with burns on 50% of their body and sending 4 others to the hospital with injuries. It is still not clear as to what caused the explosion, but fire crews are staying on seen during the investigation.

This particular accident raises some issues that many people don’t know much about. The only remedy against the employer is workers compensation. However, if someone besides the employer was at fault, the workers can file a claim against the at fault company separately. Both cases can be done at the same time. An experienced lawyer will use a timing strategy to maximize remedies in both cases. If you or a loved one find themselves in a situation like this, it is urgent that you contact an experienced lawyer who has handled these specific situations before.

Many personal injury law firms say they have experience and knowledge to get you the compensation that you deserve, but unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Our legal team has over 130 years combined experience dealing with workers comp cases. Unlike many other personal injury firms that wait around to see what the insurance company will do, our team of attorneys at Chhabra & Gibbs will file the case immediately to get the maximum amount of compensation in a timely manner.

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