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Mental Stress Injury And Workers Comp?

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Mental Stress Injury And Workers Comp?

Mental Stress

I think most of the working class in Hinds or Rankin County in Mississippi can admit that they usually feel some type of mental health stress at their job. You may wonder: How much stress is normal? How much should I tolerate? Is it affecting other areas in my life? Can stress lead to anxiety and depression? Can I file a workers’ compensation claim in Mississippi for psychological issues?

Emotional and mental stress injuries in a Mississippi workers compensation case can be more difficult to prove and sometimes harder to receive compensation for. The reason being is that it can be tricky to show that your job did, in fact, cause mental injury as opposed to another aspect of your life outside of work. Whether your mental injury is due to stress, harassment, being a victim of violence, or even suffering a life changing physical injury, it’s important that you document as much as possible to help support your claim.

In Mississippi, where there is no physical injury involved, you will have to show that the stress is a result of something that happened outside of the ordinary incidences of employment. For example, getting cussed at on a construction site or being a paralegal and having to do the job of two people would normally be expected in the work place and would not likely be compensable. But perhaps getting robbed at gunpoint (even though you were not physically injured), or being harassed because of your skin color or gender, should not normally be expected to occur in the work place and may be a viable mental work injury.

So as a worker in the state of Mississippi what can you do for mental stress? Begin with making a report to either your supervisor or to human resources. This report will become a part of your employment file and may be used as evidence later. It may also be helpful to have witnesses to back up your stress related workers’ compensation claim. If you have co-workers that you trust, you can let them know what you have been dealing with. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing this type of information with your co-workers, it may be best for you to meet with a licensed counselor or therapist. Not only will they document your experiences and other important information, they will be able to assist you with different coping mechanisms or exercises that help you adapt better in your work environment, and they also may recommend additional medical treatment. Lastly, it could be helpful if you kept a journal. Keep note of dates, events, and people involved. The more details that are included, the better this will be to help support your claim.

Mental injuries can be just as serious and life-changing as a physical injury. Not only will it affect your ability to focus and perform at work, it can affect your personal life as well. Add being a spouse or a parent to this situation and you likely have a lot on your plate. Mental injuries can sometimes turn into physical form and cause high blood pressure or even heart attacks. Medical evidence can be crucial, so it’s important that you seek treatment for these conditions.


Amanda Woolsey


Amanda Woolsey started with our firm in 2014 as our receptionist. She advanced her way to a legal assistant, and then became a paralegal for Ray L. Gustavis in our Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury department. She enjoys spending time with her children, Amelia (3 years old), Anniston (5 months old), and her husband, Bear. She also enjoys cooking, traveling, and watching The Office and true crime documentaries.


If you find yourself in this situation, it would be best for you to consult with a workers’ compensation attorney here in Mississippi to see if you have a claim and to learn what benefits you are entitled to. Contact the Mississippi Personal Injury Attorneys and Workers’ Compensation Attorneys at Chhabra & Gibbs, P.A. today by calling 601-948-8005 or by using our live chat on our website.

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