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How Long is Too Long To Wait To Get Medical Treatment After Injury

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How Long is Too Long To Wait To Get Medical Treatment After Injury

Medical Treatment

How long is too long to wait to get medical treatment if you are in an injury?


When people have a fall at work or at a business, their first thought is often embarrassment, and their first feeling is often pain.  But in many cases it is hard to tell whether the pain is just a temporary soreness that does not require medical treatment, or something more serious.  There is no way to know for sure without seeing a doctor.  Some people are too stubborn to go to the doctor for medical treatment in Mississippi unless they absolutely have to and some just have a high tolerance for pain and hope to get over it.  These are admirable traits, but just like the warning police give to people being arrested “anything you do can be used against you.”  Or in this case, not going to the doctor will be used against you in the state of Mississippi.


The way insurance companies, and most juries, look at it, is if you didn’t go to the doctor you must not be that hurt.  So if you are hurt, go.  Don’t play the balancing act in your head.  Find out for sure from a doctor.  And if the Emergency Room or doctor tells you to follow up, do it.  And if you continue to hurt, then keep following up.  If you are not continuing to go to the doctor then you are considered to not be continuing to hurt.  You have to ask yourself, what story do you want to tell?  Do you want to tell the truth about what your body is feeling or do you want to hide it and pretend you aren’t hurting?  If you go the pretend route, you can expect to not have a fair recovery when it is time to file a Mississippi workers compensation or personal injury case.


If you don’t go to the doctor immediately for medical treatment after an injury or if you have a big gap in treatment, you should expect a tough workers compensation or personal injury case that many lawyers in Mississippi won’t even consider taking.  Don’t let that be you.  If you are hurting, get the treatment you need.


Rogen K. Chhabra


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