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Legal for insurance co. to do surveillance on me?

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Legal for insurance co. to do surveillance on me?


Yes it is legal as long as done peacefully without harassment.  After an injury, you should always consider the possibility you may be under surveillance.  Be careful not to violate your doctor restrictions, unless you want to see yourself on camera doing something that you and your doctor said you couldn’t do.  After you have been injured on the job, your doctor should tell you what activities are safe to do and what activities will aggravate or worsen your injury.  If your doctor has not told you what your restrictions or limitations are, or your current work status, talk to your doctor today and let your attorney know.

Do not violate doctor’s orders.  If you do not follow your doctor’s orders and instructions, your injury could get worse, and the insurance company could gather evidence to make it look like you aren’t as hurt as you and your doctor say you are.  We all want our injuries to get better, not worse.  And here at Chhabra & Gibbs, we want you to heal and get better as soon as possible.  So follow your doctor’s instructions, even when you are tempted to perform the activities you could perform before your injury.  If you do not follow your doctor’s instruction and you are violating your restrictions, the Judge may not require your employer to pay for future medical treatment caused by the aggravation of your injury, and your lack of credibility may cost you your rightful disability payments.

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