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More than a Fighter

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More than a Fighter


When people search for a Workers Compensation or Personal Injury lawyer, especially in Mississippi, they are laser focused on getting someone who is a fighter for them.  It is a statistical fact that many people do not trust Injury lawyers.  They think Injury lawyers will take money under the table in a heartbeat to line their own pockets.  The public even think Injury lawyers will tell self-serving lies.  But if a person thinks they’ve got a fighter type of an Injury lawyer they will hold their nose and tolerate smell of mistrust.


It doesn’t have to be this way.  Just like there are good people in this world who are capable of fighting, there are also good Workers Compensation or Personal Injury lawyers who can put up a rumble when needed.  So what defines a good Injury lawyer not afraid to be a fighter?  Perhaps there is no universal definition, but how about a lawyer who:


  • Will try to catch the flies with honey first rather than vinegar
  • Will take the time to explain what your rights are, what the case plan is, how long things should take, and what your expectations should be
  • Has a cordial relationship with his adversaries and Judges. Not a cheating kind of relationships, but rather one of mutual respect.  It’s one thing to fight when necessary, but if you have a lawyer that cannot get along with anyone, odds are your case takes longer, and there will consequently be more risk
  • Is extremely experienced in the area in which he or she practices and does not try to be a “Jack of all trades”
  • Cares enough to be involved in the community. If a injury lawyer cares about his or her neighbors the injury lawyer will probably have more care and concern for clients
  • Is bright and well respected. In almost 2 decades, I do not remember one client asking me how well respected I am.  Isn’t this important?  Perhaps an injury lawyer is supposed to lie with a response to this question, but I won’t.  The truth is I have battled my way to respect from some lawyers and Judges and battled my way to enemies with others.  I do what I can to repair relationships, but it is not always possible.  But the vast majority of the colleagues I deal with daily are people I have mutual respect with and can honestly say that the respect for ability and intellect goes a long way to getting more efficient and better results that are in the best interests of my client
  • Know when to fight and how to do it and when and how to avoid a fight when it serves the client better


Next time you are in need of a Mississippi Workers Compensation or Personal Injury lawyer, perhaps you will try to find one who has more than just the fight.  Ask the right questions about experience, strategy, case plan, volunteerism, and maybe even respect, and see if that doesn’t help you narrow down to the right lawyer for your case sooner, and before it is too late.

Rogen K. Chhabra

If you ever have questions about how to find the right Injury lawyer, you can call the Mississippi Workers Compensation and Personal Injury lawyers at Chhabra & Gibbs, P.A. by dialing 601-948-8005, and expect to get an honest answer.  We are not the right injury lawyer for every case, and when we can’t help, we will do our best to help you find someone who can.


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