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Two Children Killed in a Wreck with 18-Wheeler

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Two Children Killed in a Wreck with 18-Wheeler

two children killed in a wreck

Friday afternoon two children were killed in a wreck with an 18-wheeler and three others were injured when their car was hit by a semi-truck. The deadly crash happened on I-55 near Marston, Missouri around 12 P.M. Friday. The crash happened after the SUV failed to yield to the semi-truck resulting in the death of two of the children in the SUV and injuring three others. KAIT reports that the children in the vehicle ranged from ages 11 to 15 with two other passengers in their thirties. Two of the 3 other kids had serious injuries and were transferred by helicopter and ambulance to the hospital. Missouri State Highway Patrol is still investigating the crash.

When an SUV or sedan has a wreck with an 18-wheeler the outcome is normally never a good one. According to policyadvice.net, 74% of fatal car wrecks involve a large truck such as an 18-wheeler. It is important to understand just how powerful and dangerous an 18-wheeler is and to always pay attention when driving a major highway.

If you are involved in a wreck, make sure to contact police, seek medical treatment no matter the severity of your injuries and lastly contact a personal injury attorney who has proven success dealing with 18-wheeler wrecks.

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