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Getting Help With Your Injury Case

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Getting Help With Your Injury Case

Help with your personal injury case

When people call a Mississippi personal injury firm, they are often in the worst circumstances they can imagine. They are living on nothing or less than what they are used to, they are in pain, and they are often frustrated. It is important for a law firm to have experience with handling personal injury cases, but the people that work in an injury firm should also show compassion with what you are dealing with. At Chhabra & Gibbs, P.A. that first chance at getting some compassion starts with our team of intake specialists. We are here to help with your injury case in Jackson, MS.

There is a certain patience that intake specialists must have. They must have a love of the people, and care about what they are hearing from an injured client. Our intake team loves talking with new clients while making that first contact with our firm be especially welcoming. They want to help in every way that they can physically and mentally. If you are having a bad day, they hope to be the voice on the other end of the phone that brings a little bit of happiness. The intake team wants all new clients with injury cases to contact our office and know they will be handled with passion and a certain kind of professionalism that a law firm like Chhabra & Gibbs, P.A. can offer.

Here are a few things our intake team would like you to be aware of when you call and try to have this information prepared:

  • The type of case you are calling about.
  • The exact date of injury.
  • Doctor names and dates you treated.
  • Previous attorney or referral attorney information.
  • Accident report or incident report.

Always remember to answer every question truthfully about your injury case, and always give as much information about your injury case as possible. Our intake team can be reached at any point in time. Everything you tell our intake team, your attorney, and paralegals will be held completely confidential. Our team of personal injury attorneys and staff are here to help you.

If you have been injured at work or as the result of the fault of someone else, call or text Chhabra & Gibbs, P.A. at 601-948-8005. The consultation is free, and we don’t charge anything unless we are successful with your case.  Do not wait or your rights could be forever lost if you miss a time deadline.


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