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3M Will Stop Manufacturing PFAS

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3M Will Stop Manufacturing PFAS

3M Will Stop Manufacturing PFAS

The mass producer 3M announced Tuesday they will stop manufacturing PFAS. 3M is a producer of many consumer products such as sticky notes, adhesive tape, and much more. These long lasting and hazardous chemicals have been found to cause health risks for millions of Americans.

3M announced they plan to “exit all manufacturing” and “work to discontinue the use” of perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances, also known as PFAS. In the press release yesterday, 3M said they plan to exit this manufacturing of PFAS by 2025. These dangerous chemicals do not break down easily and have been found in many water supplies leading to exposure of many Americans.

3M makes this announcement as they have been bombarded with lawsuits from States and individuals that say the chemicals have caused health issues for many. Sources say these lawsuits could cost 3M as much as $30 billion.

Risks of PFAS

The risks of exposure to certain levels of PFAS have been linked to several types of cancers, infertility, developmental problems, or delays in children. These are just a few of the known health issues found from exposure to PFAS.

The Environmental Protection Agency has been closely regulating these chemicals and set standards to what companies can do. Along with this, the EPA has publicly warned about the dangers of FPAS.

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