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Protect Yourself from Government Ban on Lawsuits and Damages

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Protect Yourself from Government Ban on Lawsuits and Damages

Protect Yourself from Government Ban on Lawsuits and Damages

Protect Yourself from Government Ban on Lawsuits and Damages

There is an all-out attack on clients’ rights on the House floor this week through a series of bills. Each bill will have devastating consequences.  All of these bills were rushed through the House Judiciary Committee without a single hearing.  No testimony was heard from anyone impacted by any of these bills.  There is something that can be done to stop this and to protect yourself from Government Ban on Lawsuits and Damages.

The series of bills included:

  • H.R. 725: Over reaching by the federal government into disputes involving parties in the same state.  Our state should resolve those disputes not the federal bureaucrats.
  • H.R. 720: Erodes the separation of powers.  Takes power away from judges to do what is right based on a specific case.  Instead the bill is intended to scare people away from even trying to be made whole after a dispute arises because of the threat of mandatory sanctions for even daring to raise a dispute.  Judges already have the power to sanction when a lawsuit is frivolous, and congress should not be making those decisions based on cases they have not even seen.
  • H.R. 985: Corporate protection act that would allow corporations that hurt people by the masses to make each person litigate individually instead of combining discovery efforts.  BP oil spill is a good example where a class action allowed the court to get all the important information discovered in one process instead of making the hundreds of thousands of people affected to litigate individually.  In short, this bill would create hundreds of thousands of not millions of new separate lawsuits every year, clogging up the system, making it take longer to prosecute criminals, and costing society billions of dollars every year for the sake of saving corporations money.
  • H.R. 1215: Takes accountability away from doctors who commit malpractice.  By limiting damages at a congressional level, the courts lose the ability to hold wrong doers accountable.  For example, a doctor who mixed up patients and removed part of a brain by accident rather than doing the leg surgery the patient needed, would have to pay that patient the same for far less severe injuries.  Each injury should be treated by the court system on its own merits.

We must tell our government to put people first and stop trampling on our rights. Chhabra & Gibbs, P.A. have been protecting citizens of Mississippi by demanding that everyone is treated fairly, regardless of gender, race, or economic status. Please join us in demanding that Congress do the same. We must ban together and contact our representatives to demand they say NO to these outrageous attacks on our rights. Go to each link below and tell them NO! Protect Yourself from Government Ban on Lawsuits and Damages.

Lawsuit Abuse Week: http://www.takejusticeback.com/ProtectMyRightToFight

Class Actions:  http://www.takejusticeback.com/StopHR985

Medical Malpractice: http://www.takejusticeback.com/ProtectPatients

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