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An estimated 400,000 Americans receive dialysis for kidney problems and a leading supplier of medical equipment and drugs used by kidney patients is being investigated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Fresenius Medical Care provides treatments in its own dialysis centers to approximately one third of all dialysis patients in this country, and one of its products, GranuFlo, has been linked to drastically increased rates of cardiac arrest in patients who took it.

Fresenius is being investigated for having failed to explain GranuFlo heart risks to dialysis patients. Cardiac arrest is when the hearts stops pumping, which means dialysis patients could be in danger of suffering a GranuFlo fatal injury. Though, in 2011, the company sent an internal memo to its employees in its own dialysis centers regarding the dangerous drug, GranuFlo cardiac arrest risk warnings were not passed on to patients in the FMS dialysis centers. Dialysis centers owned by other companies but who administer GranuFlo to its patients were not warned by FMS either.

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Dialysis is a process that replaces the kidneys’ important function of removing toxic waste from the blood system. This process requires bicarbonate, which has alkaline, to neutralize the acid that builds up in the blood.

GranuFlo contains an ingredient that the body converts to bicarbonate as part of this detoxification process, but it contains more of it than competitors’ versions. Not all doctors consider the higher amount in GranuFlo when prescribing extra bicarbonate to patients, which can cause dangerous heart problems including a GranuFlo fatality.

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The FDA may issue a formal warning to Fresenius if it decides that FMC should have alerted kidney dialysis GranuFlo patients and other dialysis centers of the potentially dangerous GranuFlo bicarbonate levels. If you experienced a GranuFlo cardiac arrest or lost a loved one due to GranuFlo death, call Chhabra & Gibbs now at 877-317-8005/601-948-8005


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