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Properly Handling Divorce When You Have Children

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Properly Handling Divorce When You Have Children


In my experience practicing divorce law, I have seen clients handle issues with their children the right way and the wrong way.  So, from my perspective in handling these cases, here is the best way to handle divorce when you have children:

  • Do not let the kids see you fight
  • Do not talk negatively about your ex-spouse in front of your children. Your ex is still your child’s father/mother
  • Be cooperative with visitation, especially during the holidays. I have found the best way to deal with holidays is to alternate each holiday and alternate by year.  For example, one parent gets the children for July 4th in odd years and the other parent gets the children for July 4th in even years
  • Do not make your children feel like they are being forced to choose between their mother and father
  • Try to maintain a good relationship with your ex (at least in front of your children)


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