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What kind of evidence is used for my SSD claim?

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What kind of evidence is used for my SSD claim?

evidence used for my SSD claim

In order to be found disabled by Social Security, you must have a disability that has lasted, or is expected to last, for a period of at least 12 months and causes you not to be able to work at a substantial gainful activity level (which, for 2023, means earning $1,470.00 per month). So, you may be wondering, what kind of evidence is used for my SSD claim?


While Social Security will consider your statements about your physical or mental issues, they will mainly rely on your medical records in order to determine whether you have a disability that keeps you from working. Medical records are the most important type of evidence you can have to support your claim, whether the conditions are physical or mental.  It is very important to get consistent medical treatment which not only shows the conditions you have that keep you from working, but also shows the symptoms and limitations you have due to your conditions. You should always tell you doctor everything that is going on with you and check your medical records periodically to make sure your doctor is actually putting in your records the things you are complaining about.


Social Security will also consider statements from others who know you about what limitations you might have, but again, the medical records are always the key pieces of evidence in disability cases. And the lack of medical treatment can really hurt your case, as Social Security must have objective evidence that they can also rely on in order to find someone disabled.  Most communities have low cost or free clinics where you can seek treatment if you do not have health insurance, so please make sure to get the treatment you need.


In addition to medical records, Social Security also looks at your work history in order to see what type of jobs you have performed in the past, your age (as the older you are, the less able they feel you are able to adjust to other types of jobs) and your educational level.


If you are no longer able to work and feel you may qualify for SSD, but have been denied in the past, it’s best to speak with a social security disability attorney. An experienced social security lawyer will be able to find the best solution in order to get the SSD benefits you deserve.


CG Law Group has the experience needed to guide you through this difficult process in order to get SSD benefits. Contact us for a FREE consultation at 601-948-8005. CG Law Group is an affiliate of Chhabra & Gibbs P.A.

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