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How Your Case Can Be Affected By Social Media

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How Your Case Can Be Affected By Social Media

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Social media can affect your case in many ways. Imagine that you are unloading your groceries and you see a strange man in the bushes holding a video camera.  He quickly walks to his van as soon as the two of you make eye contact.  For many years insurance companies have been hiring private investigators to follow injured workers in hopes of “catching” them doing something their doctor has told them not to do or doing something that they state causes them pain.  Even something innocent can be mis-characterized by a private investigator.  Some insurance companies still use this tactic.  Injured workers should always follow their doctor’s orders even if it means not carrying in your own groceries.  Insurance companies have no sympathy on chores that need to get done.

But now, insurance companies have taken it a step further with a new way of keeping tabs on injured workers.  They have a new way to misconstrue and mis-characterize a person’s actions.  In the age of the internet and social media, any “post” about your day or picture about your activities can be used against you.  It can be something as simple as posting “I’m feeling better today.”  Even though you and your attorney know that today was the first day in a very long time that you had a good day and that the pain came with a vengeance the very next day because the medication wore off, the insurance company and its attorneys will not see it that way.

At Chhabra & Gibbs P.A., we advise our clients not to put anything about their claim or their injury on the internet while their case is going on.  By doing this, no one can mis-characterize your actions or take your words out of context.


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