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With Cruisin’ Comes Crashes: What to do in a car wreck

With Cruisin' comes crashes

Cruisin’ the Coast has become a larger-than-life celebration of all things hot rod. Billed as the biggest block party around, Cruisin’ started in 1996 as a car show dedicated to the extravagant and antique. Over time, the car show has become synonymous with the Gulf Coast and the great state of Mississippi. In 2017 8,308 vehicles registered and attended the event. This year the event had over 11,000 cars registered from all over the world. However, not all that glitters is gold. With cruisin’ comes crashes. As I drove down Hwy. 49 in Gulfport on Friday, I saw a beautiful fire-red...

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18-Wheeler Wreck on I-10 Bridge, Pascagoula River

18-wheeler wreck

Jackson County Sheriff’s Department responded to an 18-wheeler wreck on the eastbound side of the I-10 bridge over the Pascagoula River. Both east bound lanes are currently shutdown. An 18-wheeler lost control during the continued rain plaguing the Coast, dumping metal, and causing accidents with numerous vehicles. No other news is available at this time but follow MDOT on twitter for more updates. A majority of the car wrecks that occur on Mississippi highways involve 18-wheelers. If you were involved in this wreck or another, what should you do? First, ensure that you are safe and ensure the safety of any...

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I recently settled a claim for $85,000.00 and I used a special tool to do it. Mediation. Mediations are an effective way to resolve issues and settle a claim for max dollar, while allowing both parties to be transparent with one another. Though not every mediation will resolve the claim, it is sometimes a worthwhile step to try and reach resolution. What is a mediation? Simply put, mediation is a meeting where the parties agree to meet with an agreed upon, impartial experienced independent lawyer to assist in negotiation of the claim. Nobody HAS to resolve anything, but mediations often...

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What to do after injured at work

Injured at Work

In Mississippi roughly twelve thousand (12,000) people are injured at work every year. These injuries fall under the purview of the Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Commission, which apply the laws of the Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Act to the particular facts of the injured person’s claim. So, what do you do if you are one of those 12,000? Your employer should have a policy for dealing with workplace injuries, but you should always make sure to inform your direct supervisor and/or H.R. about the injury. Thereafter, you should fill out and sign a “First Report of Injury” form, which lets the Commission know...

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Can independent contractors get paid for work injuries in Mississippi?

Work injuries in Mississippi

Mississippi Workers’ Compensation laws generally mandate that an employee who has been hurt at work is entitled to financial compensation for their injury. While this law seems simple enough, many claims – and thereby lives – hinge on a pivotal question: am I an employee? While most people think they know their employment status; many claims are denied on this basis. For the first time in your career, your employer is now calling you an “independent contractor.” Convenient timing. Unfortunately, independent contractors are not generally entitled to the same protections under the statute. But don’t get upset too fast. Independent...

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Should I go to the Emergency Room After a Car Wreck?

Emergency Room After a Car Wreck

Imagine the scene: You are cruising along on a beautiful, blue Saturday morning, enjoying the drive. BOOM! You get thrown around your car and when you finally realize what happened, you feel it: PAIN. As you exit the car, you evaluate the property damage and then you REALLY feel it. PAIN! You contemplate what to do: try and tough it out or go pile up that hefty emergency room bill. Unfortunately, many people who wind up in a car wreck will not make the proper decision. One of the most important things you can do if you have been in a...

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