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ICE Raids

ICE Raids

ice raids

ICE and HSI has conducted raids through various cities in Mississippi today. If you have family members or friends that call you after they’ve been processed, ask for their Alien Number. It will be on his/her bracelet on their wrist, paperwork and/or their badge and get their location if they know it.

If you or other family members you know have been detained and released by ICE, it does not end there. There could be future court dates. If a person misses a court date, they may be ordered removed from the United States.

CG Immigration Team intends to work closely with different organizations to assist those detained and their children.

We are working around the clock on this matter. We understand your fear and we are here to help.

Hundreds remain detained and will be transferred tomorrow to another detention center, most likely in Louisiana. If you have a family member or friend that was picked up today, call us tomorrow. We want to help you locate them. We are working with many of the Supervisors of the places raided in representing their employees.

These sorts of raids terrorize workers and their families. What’s more, today’s raids needlessly ripped parents from their children during the first week of school. Our Immigration Team are on the way to Morton, MS and Forrest, MS to help out with some of the many children separated from their detained family members after the tragedy.

Marshall Goff said his office had heard from people, including clients, all morning: “Kids calling us on the first day of school, wondering if their parents were caught up in the raids. in the article posted by MS Today

Many of the detained from the raid that were not released, have been transferred to Adams County Correctional Center. They are still being processed but As soon as we get a complete list, we will be assisting in contacting their loved ones. You can find more about this location here: http://www.corecivic.com/f…/adams-county-correctional-center.

Previously our Immigration Attorney, Marshall Goff, spoke with reporter Noah Lanard from Mother Jones about ICE obtaining this detention center with money it had not been given. You can read more about that interview here: https://www.motherjones.com/…/ice-just-quietly-opened-thr…/…

This particular detention center was known for its 2012 riot, which left one guard dead and more than a dozen people injured.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call our office at 601-948-8005 or our cell phone number 601-927-8430.

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